Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022)


The story about a man and a woman who, unknowingly, experience each other’s feelings and emotions.

Eun Kye Hoon (Yeo Jin Goo) is an excellent chef with an attractive appearance. He had a twin sister who went missing when they were small. 20 years later, he returns his hometown and opens opens a restaurant.One day, he finds himself randomly experiencing emotions,spontaneously crying and laughing, Most likely, such emotions can belong to a woman. But who is she?

No Da Hyun (Moon Ga Young) is looking for a job. Despite her mother’s remarks, she likes to smile. She believes that smiling brings good luck, but luck is still far from her. One day, she met with a man named Eun Kye Hoon.

Airs date: April 25, 2022 – June 14, 2022 Airing days: Monday, Tuesday

Also known as:  Lingkeu: Meokgo Saranghara, Jukige / Link: Eat and Love, Kill Me / Link: Eat and Love, to Kill / Link: Eat, Love, Die



Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Jun 06, 2022

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